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The spotlight is on Canada's rich pool of extraordinary uncensored Canadian comedy presented by Just For Laughs, including Russell Peters, Norm McDonald, Deb DiGiovanni, K. Trevor Wilson, Rebecca Kohler, Ivan Decker, Kenny Robinson and DeAnne Smith

My Wife's Phone Number album cover

9 minutes ago -

My Wife's Phone Number

  • Tim Nutt 
May 23rd - June 24th, 2023 album cover

10 minutes ago -

May 23rd - June 24th, 2023

  • Jimmy Carr: Terribly Funny Tour 
Iman album cover

16 minutes ago -


  • John Hastings 
Steakhouse Disorder album cover

23 minutes ago -

Steakhouse Disorder

  • Matt O'Brien 
Kiss Me Awake album cover

25 minutes ago -

Kiss Me Awake

  • Dave Hemstad 
BTW I'm Fat album cover

26 minutes ago -

BTW I'm Fat

  • Andrew Johnston 
Whales & Monkeys album cover

30 minutes ago -

Whales & Monkeys

  • Sean Devlin 
Flip Phone Texting album cover

32 minutes ago -

Flip Phone Texting

  • Karen O'Keefe 
Plane Fights album cover

36 minutes ago -

Plane Fights

  • Nathan Macintosh 
5 Kids & the Tooth Fairy album cover

38 minutes ago -

5 Kids & the Tooth Fairy

  • Zabrina Douglas 
Texas album cover

41 minutes ago -


  • Bryan O'Gorman 
The Real Me album cover

42 minutes ago -

The Real Me

  • Joe Vu 
Tampon Shopping album cover

45 minutes ago -

Tampon Shopping

  • Todd Ness 
Status Tings album cover

48 minutes ago -

Status Tings

  • Dakota Ray Hebert 
Sexual Anthropologist album cover

51 minutes ago -

Sexual Anthropologist

  • Tranna Wintour 
Dog Surgery album cover

53 minutes ago -

Dog Surgery

  • Justin Shaw 
Girlfriends (pt. 2) album cover

56 minutes ago -

Girlfriends (pt. 2)

  • Phil Hanley 
Big Families album cover

60 minutes ago -

Big Families

  • Derick Lengwenus 
Album Title Drop album cover

1 hour ago -

Album Title Drop

  • Courtney Gilmour 
Lesbian Moses album cover

1 hour ago -

Lesbian Moses

  • Nadine Hunt 
Theories About Bras album cover

1 hour ago -

Theories About Bras

  • Rebecca Reeds 
Black James Bond album cover

1 hour ago -

Black James Bond

  • Arthur Simeon 
If I Were a Tree album cover

1 hour ago -

If I Were a Tree

  • Harris Anderson 
Dating Pressures album cover

1 hour ago -

Dating Pressures

  • Randee Neumeyer 

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