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The spotlight is on Canada's rich pool of extraordinary uncensored Canadian comedy presented by Just For Laughs, including Russell Peters, Norm McDonald, Deb DiGiovanni, K. Trevor Wilson, Rebecca Kohler, Ivan Decker, Kenny Robinson and DeAnne Smith

Album Title Drop album cover

5 minutes ago -

Album Title Drop

  • Courtney Gilmour 
Batman, Brothers and the Bouncy Castle album cover

9 minutes ago -

Batman, Brothers and the Bouncy Castle

  • Darrin Rose 
Stink City album cover

10 minutes ago -

Stink City

  • Sara Hennessey 
Time Spent album cover

12 minutes ago -

Time Spent

  • Scott Belford 
Bidets album cover

15 minutes ago -


  • Salma Hindy 
STD Clinics album cover

17 minutes ago -

STD Clinics

  • Stewart Francis 
Father's Day Special album cover

18 minutes ago -

Father's Day Special

  • Keith Pedro & Friends! 
Dear Mother Earth album cover

22 minutes ago -

Dear Mother Earth

  • Harland Williams 
Dog Stuff album cover

24 minutes ago -

Dog Stuff

  • Meg MacKay 
New Dad album cover

26 minutes ago -

New Dad

  • Phil Hanley 
Masturbating A Lot album cover

28 minutes ago -

Masturbating A Lot

  • Natasha Lyn Myles 
Elder Strip Club album cover

30 minutes ago -

Elder Strip Club

  • Ryan Moccasin 
Modern Racism album cover

35 minutes ago -

Modern Racism

  • Rodney Ramsey 
Old People Drunk album cover

37 minutes ago -

Old People Drunk

  • Bobby Warrener 
Lonely album cover

39 minutes ago -


  • Steph Tolev 
Divorce Dog album cover

43 minutes ago -

Divorce Dog

  • Jody Peters 
New York is Back album cover

47 minutes ago -

New York is Back

  • Ophira Eisenberg 
If I Were a Tree album cover

50 minutes ago -

If I Were a Tree

  • Harris Anderson 
Pride Month Special! album cover

50 minutes ago -

Pride Month Special!

  • Brandon Ash-Mohammed 
I Don't Do Drugs album cover

53 minutes ago -

I Don't Do Drugs

  • Adam Blank 
Side Effects album cover

57 minutes ago -

Side Effects

  • Lachlan Patterson 
Fat C*nt album cover

59 minutes ago -

Fat C*nt

  • Sandra Battaglini 
Jenga album cover

1 hour ago -


  • Levi McCachen 
Construction album cover

1 hour ago -


  • Ryan Williams 

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