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Why has a station stopped updating?

xmplaylist cannot track songs during live dj sets, talk shows, interviews, festivals, etc. If it has been more than 3 days please email.

Do you know what song played at [time] on Channel XYZ?

xmplaylist displays all the information I have.

Will I add a song to a playlist?

Sorry, the playlists are automatically controlled by what is played on Sirius XM.

A song is incorrectly matched / album art wrong etc

Songs are matched automatically via spotify search. Send me an email with a link to the track on xmplaylist. If you include the correct link to spotify as well, that would really help me out.

Why are there only apple playlists for some?

Apple music is far more restrictive than spotify. I won't get into it but spotify is just way more developer friendly and if playlist curation is a priority for you, consider using spotify. Apple Music's lossless is very nice though. But you can send me an email saying you'd like to see it.

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